The E.V.V.E. is an independent interest group working at a political level throughout Europe, whose activities are focussed on the promotion of energy and water saving systems in buildings.

E.V.V.E. elects new Executive Committee  

8. November 2022

Nicolai Kuß is the new president of the E.V.V.E. Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Techem GmbH, Kuß was unanimously elected to the post at the E.V.V.E. general meeting. He succeeds Thomas Zinnöcker, who successfully led the association over three terms in office. Prof. Christoph Schmucker, managing partner at BRUNATA-METRONA GmbH & Co. KG, was unanimously elected to the office of vice-president. Mr. Oliver Geer (BRUNATA-METRONA GmbH, Germany,), Dr. Helmut Gradischnik (Messtechnik Ges.m.b.H. & CoKG, Austria), Dr. Hagen Lessing (ista SE, Germany,) and Ralf Moysig (Brunata A/S, Denmark) were re-elected as executive committee members. Commenting on his election, Nicolai Kuß said, […]

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E.V.V.E. press release  

6. November 2018

“Energy efficiency is a key driver of the energy transition in buildings. But if legislation from Brussels doesn’t filter down to the various capitals, that of course brings little benefit to the climate or consumers,” explains Christian Sperber, executive director of E.V.V.E. This impression was confirmed at a one-day congress in Brussels on November 6 held to celebrate the E.V.V.E.’s 25th anniversary. Niels Ladefoged, team leader at the European Commission, pointed to the early days of the SAVE programme in the 1990s, and set out the European Commission’s ambitions, formulated in the Clean Energy Package. The afternoon saw Dr. Robert […]

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Research overview  

22. August 2018

Experience with consumption-based energy cost billing from numerous published studies reveals that energy consumption is reduced by an average of 20% (see EnergieInfo April 2013). You can find an overview of these studies here. Download press release  

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