E.V.V.E. elects new Executive Committee  

Nicolai Kuß is the new president / Prof Dr Christoph Schmucker elected vice-president


Nicolai Kuß is the new president of the E.V.V.E. Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Techem GmbH, Kuß was unanimously elected to the post at the E.V.V.E. general meeting. He succeeds Thomas Zinnöcker, who successfully led the association over three terms in office.

Prof. Christoph Schmucker, managing partner at BRUNATA-METRONA GmbH & Co. KG, was unanimously elected to the office of vice-president.

Mr. Oliver Geer (BRUNATA-METRONA GmbH, Germany,), Dr. Helmut Gradischnik (Messtechnik Ges.m.b.H. & CoKG, Austria), Dr. Hagen Lessing (ista SE, Germany,) and Ralf Moysig (Brunata A/S, Denmark) were re-elected as executive committee members.

Commenting on his election, Nicolai Kuß said, “I would like to thank the E.V.V.E. management team, Mr. Christian Sperber and Mr. Udo Wasser, for their successful work and the members for the trust they have placed in me. I look forward to working together to modernise the association and to overcome the challenges we face. Key milestones along this road are, in my view, establishing an office in Brussels to give us a presence there and modernisation of the association’s digital presence.”

“Together the E.V.V.E. can continue to achieve a great deal in the future,” added Prof. Christoph Schmucker. “By creating transparency with respect to heating energy consumption, member businesses make an important contribution to saving energy. Together we can reduce carbon emissions in Europe and mitigate the consequences of the current energy crisis. Just one more reason the association is a valued partner on numerous Brussels committees.”


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