E.V.V.E. – 25th Anniversary   


1. Towards COP24 – The importance of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Clean Energy Package
Niels Ladefoged
European Commission – DG Energy, Energy Efficiency


2. Impact of European Energy Policy on the housing industry
Dr. Özgur Öner
Housing Europe


3. A 2050 Vision – How can energy efficiency shape our future?
Stefan Scheuer
Coalition for Energy Savings


4. Heating and Cooling in the EU energy transition (freie Rede)
Paul Voss
Managing Director at Euroheat & Power


5. Hydronic heating systems – a future perspective
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Clemens Felsmann,
Chair of Building Energy Systems and Heat Supply
Institute of Power Engineering
Dresden University of Technology


6. Energy indicators in buildings
Elena Gonzalez
Managing Director of ANESE, the Spanish Association of ESCOs


7. Reduction of heat energy consumption by informative billing
Dr. Robert Gorzycki
President RSM URSUS, Warsaw
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