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Billing of heating, air-conditioning and hot water heating costs according to actual consumption.

About us

Europe-wide, the E.V.V.E advances the political interests of its members. Members include leading companies in the energy and water data management sector. With twelve businesses and an affiliated association, we currently have representatives in seven EU member states.

Our work to advance our members’ interests focuses in particular on sub-metering. We advocate for automated, consumption-based metering of energy use.

That’s because, as a basic business principle, if you’re not measuring it, you can’t manage and save it. And that’s precisely what we aim to achieve, which is why E.V.V.E. promotes systems that deliver enduring, long-term reductions in energy and water use in buildings. Digitalisation is a key factor in advancing decarbonisation and protecting the climate.

Our Strengths  

A sought-after discussion partner for politicians and society, E.V.V.E. advances the interests of its members and persuasively applies its expertise around low-threshold applications able to leverage savings potential.

The ongoing energy supply crisis has made abundantly clear just how important saving energy and improving energy usage really is. Being aware of your consumption represents a huge lever for improving energy efficiency. To make this potential exploitable, we advocate for advanced solutions.

We make clear to both political decision-makers and partners involved in implementation the areas where action needs to be taken. We also supply the solutions needed to realise success in this area, with a particular focus on supporting the introduction of digital solutions.


Become a

Become a member of a powerful association! As the industry lobby group at EU level, E.V.V.E. helps your business secure and build its market position. We use the strength of our association to help shape the social and legal framework in a way which is positive for our industry. To this end, we share information on existing and upcoming requirements. Wherever guidelines and standards that affect the foundations of how our industry operates are being formulated, the association is there. Association representatives, both salaried and unsalaried, are actively involved in technical committees at both national and European level. As members of working groups, they also advise and comment on forthcoming draft regulations. As a member, that means you know today what matters tomorrow.


E.V.V.E. elects new Executive Committee  

Nicolai Kuß is the new president of the E.V.V.E. Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Techem GmbH, Kuß was unanimously elected to the post at the E.V.V.E. general meeting. He succeeds…

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E.V.V.E. press release  

“Energy efficiency is a key driver of the energy transition in buildings. But if legislation from Brussels doesn’t filter down to the various capitals, that of course brings little benefit…

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Research overview  

Experience with consumption-based energy cost billing from numerous published studies reveals that energy consumption is reduced by an average of 20% (see EnergieInfo April 2013). You can find an overview…

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